Cup Runneth Over

by Jonny Burke

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Jonny Burke is at it again. Only a year after the release of his debut full-length album, he puts forth Cup Runneth Over.
A veritable narrative of a musician's life, Cup Runneth Over projects the insight of an artist who has seen it all; ranging from rootsy, rollicking numbers (Wake Up, Back On Top) to tuned-down, soulful tracks (El Paso, God in Them (You)) peppered with a good dose of humor (Sociopath, 32.50)
As sonically adventerous as it is lyrically ripe, the album seamlessly exhibits a combination of bluesy riffs, synthesized bass and crashing drums, plus songs featuring just Jonny and his guitar, in addition to a couple of minute long sketches acted out by a Montana whitewatwer guide, a former Penthouse Pet, hometown neighbors and a German oompah band (all friends of Jonny's of course).
Though his bread and butter influences such as the Rolling Stones and Townes Van Zandt still clearly shine here, Cup Runneth Over is a clear departure from the classic sounds of 2011's Distance and Fortune. As producer of the bulk of the material- released on his own Dreamcar Records- Burke emits something raw and honest.


released March 13, 2012

jonny burke- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, kick drum, synth bass, piano, marimba, whistling

daren hess- drums on tracks 2, 7, 9

elijah ford- bass and harmony vox on 2 and 7, piano and wurlitzer on 9, harmony vox on 12

ian mclagan- hammond b-3 on track 9

cody foote- bass on track 9

anthony arvizu- drums on tracks 5, 8, 10

mike malone- vibraphone on track 8

claire mehm- cello on track 8

ronnie johnson- bass on track 12

kory cook- drums on track 12

skip konte- accordian on track 13

marc ford- guitar on track 13

handclaps- jonny, elijah and an anonymous joe pug

produced by jonny burke

tracks 1, 4, 5, 8 10, 12*, 13* recorded at the compound in signall hill, ca- engineered and mixed by Anthony Arvizu
*tracks 12 and 13 produced by marc ford
tracks 2, 7 and 9 recorded at the wire in south austin, tx- engineered and mixed by stuart sullivan
track 11 recorded at orange cat studios in topanga, ca- produced by jonny and gordy quist, engineered and mixed by gordy quist, final mix by anthony arvizu
tracks 3 and 6 recorded by remotely by jonny, engineered and mixed by anthony arvizu

mastered at the compound in signal hill, ca



all rights reserved


Jonny Burke Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Until We Sink
until we sink
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

for sixteen years i told'em my name
small town, fall down, fortune and blame
so i split like a lip, i was still just a kid
cut to the south like a ball and chain

my whole life help me, i been so restless
wanted everyday to feel like christmas
all i ever got was a crack on my back
from my father when he'd drink upon the devil's water

ended up in mobile, ended up in low deals
hard town, let down, rock cocaine
i pled to the county and i pled to the lord
bubbled in the gulf on an oil-rig gang

back on the land i was taken by the hand
in a burned-out cottage out by the airport
all i could see was the gold in her teeth
when i told her i been waitin for a girl like her

bone the muscle, muscle to bone
that's the way i'm bound to jane
she loves me when my money's all gone
but something's got to change

jane's been cryin forty-seven days
bad dreams, gulf-stream, screamin at the bay
the cash makes sounds and the angels sing
if i lose my baby will i lose my way?

i heard her like a banshee wailin on the hillside
i'm hard up here sweatin in the clink
but i'll meet her down at the ocean at low tide
dance in the sand until we sink
dance in the sand until we sink
dance in the sand until we sink
Track Name: Sociopath
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

first time i saw her in a bar in west la
the guy she was with got down on one knee
he said 'baby i'll love you for the rest of your life'
she said 'yes' right before she poisoned his drink
she spots a man walkin on the street
so well adjusted for her ya see
carves him up just like a piece of meat
what's so sad is that guy turned out to be me

she's so cold and she's so crass
my baby is a sociopath
what makes me cry just makes her laugh
my baby is a sociopath

when she was a little girl it was a pressing matter
that she was always first in line
her first boyfriend jack, she killed his cat
when he forgot to send a valentine
if you park to close, she gonna key your car
i guess daddy's love just didn't go very far
if she don't like the way you look she'll steal your billfold
and if she likes the way you look she gonna steal your soul


last week her steak was overcooked in a restaurant
next day the waitress turned up missing
i didn't pick up my phone, she set fire to my home
took me to her place and kissed me
one of these days i'm gonna quit her for good
you know...when she turns her head
i'll grab the keys and mad-dash to the door
i'm gonna lose this device that she strapped to my leg

what makes me cringe just makes her laugh
my baby is a sociopath, what ya do now
she is a sociopath, she'll get you too pal...
Track Name: El Paso
el paso
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

well i'm just a simple loner and i came from arizona
just the other night
i pulled into town and i stayed awake until it came
the morning light
then i walked downtown and i got myself
some coffee to go
had to run from the cops my man i'll tell you when it rains
sometimes it snows

and this road is getting smaller but i've got five hundred dollars
for a wedding ring
for a girl in marfa texas, i'll tell ya she's the nicest thing
that i've seen
but i might blow it on some cocaine and go forget the whole thing
like i usually do
go get me a big bag and snort it off the table
until it is through

now i'm holed up in el paso, stuck in this whole fiasco
and some faraway place
runnin from the cops, my thoughts, my family and the rest
of the human race
and i might just get to heaven if i could only roll a seven
in this motel room
where i found this book, gave it a glance, tell's me it's my last chance
to keep from doom

at a truckstop in new mexico i'd wandered through the ice and snow
and saw it there
like some mirage i'd seen before floating high above me
in the desert air
a girl there said my smile was nice and for the right price
she'd make it wider
she said i'd grin from ear to ear and we could go and get some beer
and i could get inside of her

Track Name: 32.50
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

mom and dad married twenty-six years, raised my sisters and brothers
last year little sister went off to college and mom moved in with another
that other turned out to be her best friend suzy, mom got a haircut, daddy's gettin high
mom and suzy kissin on the corner...and dad got a dui

thirty-two fifty i'll see my mary
thirty-two fifty i'll wed my girl
thirty-two fifty my eyes get bigger
smokin crack on the ohio river

mary met dad with outta-state plates and tits so hard that i lost my accent
she put it all out there, grab a cold beer, move it on over when he'd say move it over here
he said i can't get enough of this dread, can't get enough of this head
never had it put on me like miss mary, had to break her wrist though when she tried to save me
can't get enough of this sin...keeps gettin under my skin


dad's in the rooms now workin on a fourth step, hopin for some foresight, lackin in the hindsight
hit by the blindside when he hit the booze when his wife moved in with her best friend suzy
mary's down in florida in her mid-forties wearin those hot pants lordy lordy
got a new man now can't put the pipe down, he's got the money though in case it all goes down

kentucky side of the ohio river
smokin crack on the ohio river
Track Name: Wake Up
wake up
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

when you feel the darkness and you're tumbling towards the sea, wake up
have you fooled the monsters into falling from the trees? wake up
in your evening gown, in all your sins and sensibility
when you leave this town i hope you know i want you next to me

in the blackened nightfall and the hardships and the schemes, wake up
if the fall goes any faster you're a bastard by the spring, wake up
when i spun you out there on the dancefloor, monsieur and my cherie
you took me down, looking up you're all i can see

my love my love i'd give all of my love to you
my love my love i'd give all of my love to you
my love my love i'd give all of my love to you
my love my love i'd give all of my love to you
i give it all to you

with our hearts all made of alloy put the steel back in the beams, wake up
flip the switch on this machine until we all hear freedom ring, wake up
turn the sound up loud, ten thousand years and we still can't hear
it's the same sad crowd, i try to listen i got cotten all up in my ears


i hope you leave the light on to the ones you've never seen and wake up
how can we see the beauty if we're livin in a dream? wake up
you let me down, i always knew the possibility
when you leave this town, i hope you know just what you did to me

Track Name: Only One
only one
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

timmy the tantric went to timbuktu
kaw-liga saw it happen, the gypsy saw it through
they said 'we'll penetrate the power
and be flavor of the hour'
they can go and have their fun
as long as they don't touch my only one

bessie went down to the bulldyke bar
bought a bottle of bourbon and a boudin star
the lights went down, she tipped the porter
poured the danger in the chamber and then shot up the coroner
she go on a three day run
long as she don't touch my only one

let go the sunlight, shed the dark
there on the eastside, up in the park
the bowery bums, the senioritas
the junior miss, the fashionistas
everybody's shoutin, everybody's sold
it takes a lot to fill up all of these holes
sell your soul or serve the sun
long as you don't touch my only one
Track Name: Long Haul
long haul
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi), chris masterson (mastertone tx music, bmi)

that truck stop preacher's raving up ahead underneath the lights
i got no time for demonstrations, baby's waitin up for me tonight

i'm in it for the long haul
i'm in it til the last one falls
keep talkin i can't hear at all
i'm in it for the long haul

you can laugh and you can linger, you can point and you can scorn
but watch it when you point that finger at the lady of manor born


ain't gonna do it in vain or feel any pain coming through
i'll give all i can give, i'd give it all for you

when she's talkin i can hear it all
i'm in it for the long haul
Track Name: Back On Top
back on top
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

stacy's a big star, can't drive her own car
got in some trouble leavin the star bar
now she's all better, can't say we blame her
does ads for soda, goes to her yoga

and i wonder...what's it gonna take?

get me back on top with you my love
we won't get caught back on top
back on top

my best friend mikey, we went to high school
he met miss stacy grabbing a coffee
now he's her lover, also her driver
no longer workin, can't say i blame him

and i wonder...what's it gonna take?


what in the world is gonna save us?
what in the world is it gonna take us?
what in the world is gonna save us?
what in the world is it gonna take?

Track Name: Travelling Show
travelling show
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi), gordy quist (victrolacaster music, sesac)

back out in the street again among the schools and markets
past bars and careless cars with hands deep in our pockets
i'd surely linger if i thought that i could stop this

here i go in the travelling show
here i go in the travelling show
it's all i know

she was just divorced and i was coming off a bender
her touch was soft and safe as any i remember
heat the brick and feed the flame before it turns to ember


she said to stay a week or maybe even longer
in spite of winters chill somehow our love grew stronger
then by the spring i said i must be moving on girl


on the bridge in brighton beach i stood and read the letter
she said she'd wait for me if i'd come back to get her
if i write back it only makes it harder to forget her

Track Name: Good Moanin #2
good moanin #2
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

ain't gonna move til the sun goes down
ain't gonna move til the sun goes down

ain't goin down til my baby tells me
ain't goin down til my baby tells me
she'll whisper soft in my ear
'come on boy, let's get outta here'
ain't goin down til my baby lover tells me

ain't gonna move til the sun goes down
ain't gonna move til the sun goes down
cold sweat, hit the town
pin-stripe zoot suit, boots touch ground
ain't gonna move til the sun goes down
Track Name: God in Them (You)
god in them (you)
jonny burke (dedpan music, bmi)

my dear sister how you've seen the pain beyond your years
questions that go on unanswered only lead to tears
a baby that was born unto you then taken away
and a man across the world in harms way

the faith that's carried you through all these many darkest days
is higher than the tallest buildings man has ever raised
it's stronger than the mighty armies of any war that's ever raged
it matters more than any reason why

tonight out here on the highway the moonlight says it's true
that one fine mornin you'll wake up with the sun shining through
your husbands head upon the pillow, a baby safe in the next room
and you'll see god in them and they'll see god in you